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Film Industry- A Creative Group Dynamics

It is rightly said that “to make a film is easy, to make a good film is war and to make a very good film

is a miracle.”

Films, and the themes they try to portray are always analysed by success and failure rates. The talent

and potentials the artists have are always determined from the brighter side. In short we often neglect

the backstage team work which is the backbone in making a film. Have we ever wondered that a

single production of film is like a jigsaw puzzle and any missing piece, leaves the entire puzzle

incomplete? In the context of the cinematographic world, the puzzle is the agglomeration of people

from various domains. Directors, producers, script writers, visual effects team, choreographers,

lyrists, costume designers and a lot other multi skilled artists worldwide join hands unanimously in

this sector. It is an industry in itself where ideas and creativity are welcomed whole- heartedly. It is

this Pandora’s Box where everything is created out of nothing.

It is an institution where there is an interdependence of these artists and mind boggling thoughts and

ideologies are set on an equal stand with strong group dynamics. Over decades, the revolution this

industry has witnessed, has resulted in more and more people choosing this as a career option. The

industry teaches us a lot of things from their endeavours. There are various attributes of leadership

which can be learnt and applied in our daily lives. As mentioned earlier, the sector opens a wide range

of opportunities, hence, it is able to empower a large mass. Be it actors or the backstage committee,

the empowerment it provides makes people believe that this field is and will have a bright future.

Creative writers draw different skills and welcome various perspectives in each and every production.

With this industrious work, surprising content is created from flummoxed situations.

Meticulous work that is put into making a cinema is able to impregnate certain thoughts and ideas in

the mind sets of the viewers. Films have the power to impact the society and break certain social

taboos, something which can be done with successful creative group dynamics. Challenges are

accepted and through trial and error, innovations are brought in. One such profound innovation was

the animations. Production teams like Disney and Marvel were able to engross the audience into

watching their concepts. Technically stable artists with some script writers and dialogue delivery team

are able to bring in amazing animations.

The marketing team which puts in persistent hard work in promoting a film is having an equal share

in the success rate. The sponsors, media supporters, travel and finance team and the guest appearances

are the unsung heroes in film making. There is an entire cue team which is specially designated to

ensure smooth flow of events and to avoid any glitch in the process. The songs and dances films

showcase gain immense popularity. Song writers, singers and sound engineers are another entity

which join the dots of perfection in film productions. Last but not the least, amiable actors are able to

sync themselves in the character and then deliver their role effectively which is the final outcome of a

film. Mega productions demand mega costumes and sets. Indian films like Baahubali or Sanjay Leela

Bhansali films have a massive canvas which look splendid on big screens. The ever growing

competitors and contradicting ideologies in the conventional and modern film making have benefitted

the audience by allowing them to witness a wide range of films. With the stiff competition, however,

there are very few movies which get a standing ovation.

Reputed institutions like the Film and Television Institute of India in Pune, Satyajit Ray Film and

Television Institute, Kolkata, National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad have freshly graduated artists

with high dreams and aspirations. They are able to chisel their minds to a level where they can change

imagination into reality. With a world of 7.7 billion unique individuals, today the entertainment sector

stands in one of the top positions in a nation’s economy.

Whether a film is a success or not is immaterial. What needs to be imbibed is that, this is probably the

only sector globally which has creative group dynamics, leadership assets and dexterous set of people.

The manpower the industry has to brainstorm the audience to convey a social message and accept a

change is mesmerising. It is because of these people we were able to come up with the concepts of

multiplexes. Applications like book my show and social gatherings every Friday in discussing the

‘film of the week’ was established. Seeing eminent directors, actors in public forums and following

their reactions to the paparazzi has become a luxury. Blindly following their lifestyle and inculcating

it in our day – to- day lives has become a part and parcel of our very existence. One of man’s best

creations was the film industry. It continues to encourage people to appreciate and respect their work.

Today, film fraternity is no longer just an entertainment. In fact, it has become a culture which is

deep- rooted and has a long way to go.

Written by - Aaditi Joshi (

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